A day with GoogleVR

Objective: To create a 3D game (with animations) using the GoogleVR platform running on Android. GoogleVR Android SDK Graphics code (OpenGL) Native Code: The structure of the application is like a pyramid. The Application code, which is my game, runs on top of the GoogleVR SDK. This SDK is an added plugin to the standard […]

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Cloth simulation and Physics-Engine based simulation!

INTRODUCTION I implemented a constraint based cloth simulation on a browser. This post also describes a Physics-Engine based simulation which involved collision dynamics. TASK 1: CONSTRAINT BASED CLOTH SIMULATION OBJECTIVE Create constraint based cloth and investigate its behavior. VIDEO OF THE ANIMATION Here it is. TASK 2: RIGID BODY MASS COLLISION DYNAMICS SIMULATION USING jMONKEYENGINE.  OBJECTIVE […]

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Sprite Animation

OBJECTIVE I created walkcycles on two different platforms. The objective of one of them was to dig deeper into keyframing, and this was explored through Maya. The other task was simply trying to implement some sort of character animation (I did keyframing here as well) in an Android application. Let me begin with the documentation […]

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ROM naam satya hai

System.out.println(“Hello Internet”); ROM stands for Read Only Memory. Haha. But the story isn’t about your Read Only Memory chips. No, its not. Its about Android OSes. Allow me to explain. Suppose you buy a phone (or a tablet) with Android. The Android operating system that comes with the phone (just like how you get Windows […]

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Various ways you can animate!

One of the most interesting guides to kick start on the art of Animation techniques that I found is “The Animator’s Survival Kit” by Richard Williams. It introduces and demonstrates one of the techniques called keyframing. It is based on the notion that an object has a beginning state and will be changing over time, in […]

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