ROM naam satya hai

System.out.println(“Hello Internet”);


ROM stands for Read Only Memory.


Haha. But the story isn’t about your Read Only Memory chips. No, its not. Its about Android OSes.


Allow me to explain. Suppose you buy a phone (or a tablet) with Android. The Android operating system that comes with the phone (just like how you get Windows 8 or something when you buy a laptop) is called a stock ROM. The stock ROM is a version of Android by Google (just like how Windows 8 is a version of Windows by Microsoft) coupled with some extra usual mumbo-jumbo by the the device (phone) manufacturer.


Ah, then your friend must probably be using a Google phone (Nexus).

The Nexus phones (although manufactured by other vendors) have pure Android running in them without any of these extra “un-uninstallable” (sorry!) apps that consume the phone’s memory and battery charge. Of course, if yours isn’t a Google phone and you don’t appreciate these redundant apps, you can remove them if you root your phone. But more on that some other day.


Whaaaaaaat? I wasn’t gonna talk about rooting but now you made me to. By rootingyou can access the “touch-me-not” areas of the phone software (in this case Android) which were restricted to you before. Its done to overcome a lot of existing limitations of your phone. Android is derived from Linux (another operating system running in laptops), which gives such administrative privileges.


Moving on :D.

Without getting into the technical details, let me brief a bit about the benefits of rooting. Maybe I can dive into it further some other day if my blog survives or if we survive the apocalypse; whichever last!

Haha, that would be a miracle, wouldn’t it? My blog surviving the apocalypse. Especially if its similar to this one. 


Sorry again mate but you definitely have to check that apocalyptic video.

So where were we? Yes, root. By rooting you can install certain “special” apps allowing you to do special things to your mobile like use more of its system resources efficiently. You can also do unethical stuff if you desire. Ahem. You can speed up and conserve battery. What next? Oh yes, you can automate stuff like setting alarms, toggling your cellular internet, GPS among others. Aha, you can block adds and stream smoothly. As mentioned earlier, you can uninstall the mumbo jumbo apps that came along with your stock ROM if you wish. And I haven’t even started on the best bit about rooting….



You can replace the android in your phone with another one; made by a custom ROM developer. “Installing” the other android into your phone is called flashing.


For your information, there are people out there tweaking the stock Android and creating their own versions. Google allows you to do that under Open Source Licences. Some licences. Don’t bother about it. And why do people modify the stock ROMs? To make the phone better of course! That’s the whole point! How is it different from rooting?  Rooting is…


Fine let me bullet-point out.

* Rooting is providing the user extra access to the phone. It is done by flashing another slightly tweaked ROM into your phone. Its not a custom ROM because it is still pretty much the stock ROM but with extra permissions.
* Flashing a custom ROM means installing a version of Android that not just provides special access to your phone but also is very highly modified. Hence the word “mod” in the ROM world to refer a custom ROM.
* You don’t need root access to flash a custom ROM; though you’d need to unlock your bootloader. More on this some other post.

With this I think its fair to conclude right now. I know I have left a lot of areas untouched; I could’ve dived deeper but I’m getting late for meeting up with a friend.

If you were new to this, I hope this post helped and I suppose you’d be like….



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